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Community Engagement for Construction Projects

Real estate projects need an online marketing strategy in the world of social media (new media). Misinformation and bad news about real estate projects travel like wildfire unless you are listening and have a presence in the online community. These projects typically require a hyper-local online marketing strategy. Hyper-local online marketing engages with communities of a few hundred residents and stakeholders not thousands of followers. The goal is to develop 2-way communications about your projects and enhance your firm’s brand in the communities where you build.


Introducing New Legacy

New Legacy’s goal is to use community engagement tools such as hyper-local social media, crowdsourcing, and equity crowdfunding to help develop community based real estate development projects. Hyper-local social media and crowdsourcing will be used used to engage the West Louisville community. The goal is to increase the level of community engagement and the amount of feedback the project receives from the community. Equity crowdfunding is used to engage the community for the purpose of raising money to fund projects.


The Importance of Community Engagement

Unhappy neighbors are forever. Community issues occur because project owners are not engaging and listening to the residents. Early engagement with the community can save project owners money and time. Community engagement provides continuous community feedback required by architects and project managers. Construction projects typically impact less than 1000 resident stakeholders.

All real estate development is local. Hyper-local social media, crowdsourcing and equity crowdfunding provide the essential mechanisms for community engagement that are needed to keep the developer and the community on the same page, and  help to keep our organization engaged and listening to the community conversation.

Engaging Stakeholders Where They Are

Influencers are the leaders and voice of the community. Influencers are residents, clergy, business owners, teachers, organizers and government officials. New Legacy will identify and engage community influencers via social media and join the conversation are identified where the influencers are talking, social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are created.

Our goal is to  add relevant and high quality content to the community conversations. We will employ both an online and traditional media campaign.  Many times low-income and elderly individuals are unable to get internet access or need assistance in using it, so community meetings and press releases  are use to engage with residents.

Engaging the Community

Community Engagement is 2-way communication. Residents and stakeholder will have a way to communicate with, New Legacy the project developer, architect and prime contractor throughout the construction process will use social media as an excellent opportunity to engage with the community. We will display Project Timelines and create a Project Discussion Forum, with photos and videos to create engagement and listen to the community.