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Residential Community

New Legacy’s Residential Community is crafted to combat recidivism. We provide a safe housing program with people who really care about the residents of our community. Regardless of their past crimes our goal is to make a difference today and keep these citizens from returning to incarceration and to reconnect them to the community.

New Legacy provides a holistic approach that not only attends to the needs of the ex-offender who faces joblessness, homelessness, and hopelessness, as well as facilitating the reunification with family. Currently, our organization offers a twelve to twenty-four-month residential program that addresses the societal stigma and challenges that veteran and non-veteran ex-offenders face as they find substantive ways to integrate successfully back into mainstream society.

We Foster Dreams

In our community we take personal initiative to see our residents succeed and open them up to dream again. Through peer-support there is an atmosphere of brotherhood and accountability.

We Assist Employment

Utilizing our resources and existing  business entities, New Legacy aims to build income and careers for our residents. We partner with local employers, and provide job skills training and supportive services.

We Assist With Mental Health

Our relationship with Spalding University allows us to provide returning citizens an opportunity to access mental health services.

This program  offers entrepreneur training to those residents of New Legacy as well as those in the community that have a desire to become entrepreneurs. The curriculum of the academy includes business plan writing, training in market analysis and business development, and basic leadership skills.