Gisela Nelson is the Founder and Executive Director of New Legacy Reentry Corporation. Mrs. Nelson began her studies in the field of social work at the University of Kentucky where she later transferred to the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work and added a minor in Psychology.

While in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gisela worked as a program manager for a Robert Wood Johnson grant awarded to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Child Abuse Clinic, focusing on foster children, their birth parents and the health disparities that exist for children in alternative placement.

Gisela also served as program manager/group facilitator for the grassroots organization Gwen’s Girls, Inc., providing reunification and prevention services to young girls transitioning from youth detention back to their birth families or foster care placement. She also is an entrepreneur in partnership with her husband’s business Level of Excellence Construction, Inc., Nelson & Associates, LLC, and is the principle for Gisela’s Main Event, LLC. Gisela is a member of both the Partnership Coalition and Greater Louisville Re-entry Coalition.

Paul Nelson Is the Founder of New Legacy Reentry Corp. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Paul has been an entrepreneur all his adult life. He has owned and managed supermarkets, restaurants and other establishments. Currently, he is the owner of Level of Excellence Construction, Inc., Nelson & Associates and serves as the lead instructor for the Jeremiah Project Construction Program.